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About Industrial LPG Gas Supplier

Cylinder Size : 7 Cubic Meter
Usage/Application : Food Packaging
Type of Gas : Nitrogen
State : Gas
Purity : 99.9995 %
CAS Number : 7727 – 37 – 9
Boiling Point : 77.355 K
Molecular Formula : N2
Molecular Weight : 28.014 g/mol
Density : 1.2506 g/L
Triple Point : 63.151 K

Nitrogen gas is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is found in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, making up 78% of the air by volume. Nitrogen gas is highly unreactive, meaning it does not easily combine with other elements to form compounds. This makes it an important component of the Earth’s atmosphere, since it helps to prevent other gases from combining and forming harmful compounds.

Industrial LPG Gas Supplier

 Nitrogen gas is also used in many industrial and commercial applications, such as in the production of fertilizers, explosives, and welding gases. We are the leading industrial nitro-gen gas supplier and nitrogen gas manufacturer in Faridabad. We offer all quality High-pressure Nitrogen Gas or Liquid Nitrogen gas with best prices. Our products are designed according to international quality standards and conform to all laws, regulations and directives that are necessary for the approval of these products. We can supply high pressure nitrogen gases of various quality and quantity at the best rates. Our manufacturing facility ensures that we meet the demands of our esteemed clients.

Uses of LPG Gas

Nitrogen gas is chemically inert and colorless. It is mostly used in the production of fertilizer, explosives, pharmaceuticals and dry ice. The biggest use for Nitrogen gas is in the food industry, where it helps prolong the shelf life of packaged foods.

  • It is used in many industrial applications due to its inert nature.
  • It is used as an inert carrier gas in chemical processing and welding applications.
  • Nitrogen is used in many industries as a non-toxic refrigerant and inert anesthetic gas.
  • In medicine it is used in breathing tubes and anesthesia machines.
  • Nitrogen has been used as an inert atmosphere since the 19th century and is a safe alternative to air. The key advantage of using nitrogen is that it doesn’t contain any oxygen which makes it ideal for storing food as well as cleaning equipment.
  • It is also used for filling tires, transporting food and many other applications.
  • It is indispensable for the operation of scuba diving equipment and high-speed internal combustion engines.
  • It is used in pressurized containers and aerospace applications.
  • It is used in the production of fertilizers, drugs, and synthetic rubber.
  • It is also used to inflate tires and as an inert gas.