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About the Om Air Special Gases

Om Air Special Gases an industrial gases supplier company provides a range of gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, to various industries for a variety of applications. These gases are used in a range of processes, including welding, cutting, and refining, and are also used to inflate tires and to produce food products such as beer and bread. We stores the gases in a range of container sizes, from small cylinders to large tanks, and delivers them to customers as needed. We also provide equipment and services related to the handling and use of the gases.


Om Air Special Gases consider transportation of hazardous gases as one of the prime areas of focus towards society and thereby has established Driver Safety Policy. Transport Emergency procedures are integral to these safety requirements as displayed on all vehicles.

Om Air Special Gases in general uses PESO guidelines & product details for safe storage, operation & transportation of Industrial Gases. Om Air Special Gases has adopted safety of the above in conjunction with International Safety practices & methods along with Government Regulations to implement Safety Standards in Om Air Special Gases businesses.

The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are supplied at the time of product delivery. The MSDS’s were prepared according to international standards. Although we believes the information in the MSDS’s to be correct, we disclaims from any responsibility in any event if the contents do not meet the regulatory requirements. Material Safety Data Sheets are subject to revision.