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Gas Mixture

Argon CO2 Mixture Cylinder supplier

About Industrial Mixture Gas Supplier

Cylinder Size : 7 Cubic Meter
Usage/Application : Industries
Type of Gas : Mixture
State : Gas
Purity : 99.9995 %
CAS Number : 7440-37-1
Boiling Point : -185.7
Melting Point : -189
Molecular Weight : 39.948 g/mol

We are the leading mixture gas supplier in Faridabad and Delhi NCR, India. Mixture gas is a term used to describe a gas that is made up of two or more substances. The most common example of a mixture gas is air, which is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, and other trace gases.

Mixture Gas Supplier

We source our all gases from some of the most reputable manufacturers, and our team of experts ensures that it meets the highest standards of quality. Our mixture gas is used by a wide range of industries, and we are proud to be the supplier of choice for so many businesses. If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality mixture gas supplier, then we are the perfect choice.

Uses of Mixture Gas

Mixture gases can be found in a variety of settings, both natural and man-made. Understanding the composition of a mixture gas and its intended use is important in ensuring its safe and effective use.

  • It is used in the welding process to protect the weld area from oxidation and other forms of corrosion.
  • It can be used in food processing to preserve food products.
  • It also be used to inflate tires or other objects.
  • It is used in cutting, where the gas is used to create a flame that is hot enough to melt metal.
  • It are sometimes used in medicine, specifically in anesthesia