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Carbon Dioxide Gas

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About Industrial Carbon Dioxide Gas Supplier

Cylinder Size : 7 Cubic Meter
Usage/Application : Food Packaging
Type of Gas : Carbon dioxide
State : Gas
Purity : 99.9995 %
CAS Number : 124-38-9
Melting Point : -78.46 degC
Molecular Formula : CO2
Molecular Weight : 44.01 g/mol
Density : 1.98 g/L
Triple Point : -56.6 °C

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a slightly toxic, odorless, colorless gas with a faint sharp odour and a sour taste. In air, Concentrations of carbon dioxide is about 0.038% by volume. Sublimation temperature means the temperature at which a solid form of a substance directly converts in to gaseous form of the substance without going into the intermediate liquid form.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Manufacturer

Om Air Special Gases is a company that manufactures carbon dioxide gas. We have been in business for over 20 years and have a great reputation. We are the leading manufacturer of carbon dioxide gas in the Faridabad and have a very strong market share. We have a very efficient production process and our products are of the highest quality. We are very proud of our products and our company. We manufacture gas using high-quality chemical compounds and the latest processing techniques. 

Uses of Carbon Dioxide Gas

Carbon dioxide (Co2) is supply as compressed in a cylinder or as a liquid. It is available in various volumes and in different purity grades. It is mostly used in labrotory, aviation, food industry and many others. There are some uses of carbon di oxide.

  • It is use to create artificial snow in the entertainment industry.
  • It is widely used in greenhouse farming and gardening.
  • Carbon dioxide is main ingredient in soft drinks to gives the fizz and sparkle.
  • It is use as a shielding during MIG welding process.
  • It is use for rapid freezing and chilling in the food industry.
  • CO2 is also use in advance mosquito repellent machine.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide is used in fire fighting equipment’s to stop fire.
  • It is also used to achieve consistent flavor, carbonation, and taste for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production.

These are some of the common uses of carbon dioxide (CO2). There are various other ways in which co2 gas can be used in a particular industry or process. Our teams of industry professionals including procuring agents and quality controllers ensure that client’s specifications are met. For expert advice on your respective industrial or commercial application, please feel free to Contact Us.