Carbon Dioxide Cylinder

Carbon Di-Oxide (Co2) Gas

  Chemical Formula



  Molecular Mass

  CO2   Slightly toxic,
  770 kg/m3 (liquid at 56 atm and 20 °C)
1.977 kg/m3 (gas at 1 atm and 0 °C)
  44.0094 g/mol

Common Uses And Applications In Industries

  • As a Fire Extinguishers
  • In Soft Drinks For sparkles & sizzling effects.
  • Co2 solids are used as Dry Ice which is used as Food Preservation and Transportation To maintain Low Temperature
  • Metal Industry
  • In Tea plantation As a fumignt for grain storage
  • Manufacturing & Construction industry
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Petroleum Ind
  • Rubber & Plastic Industry
  • MIG Welding Industries & Foundries
  • In Automobile Industry CO2 use for shrink fitting
  • In Engineering Industries as a substitute as cutting Oil
  • Shaving Blade manufacturing as tempering & cryogenic grinding
  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Co2 reduces the explosition risk in the transportation & storage of Explosives
  • In Rubber Industry as Effective in Purification, Cleaning and preparation aspects of rubber’s moulds & Dies Surface before painting, polishing, cleaning & Cooling

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