argon gas cylinder

Argon Gas Cylinder

ARGON GAS Technical Details

Chemical Formula



Molecular Mass

  Ar   Tasteless
  Non Toxic

  1.784 g/L stp (0 °C and   101.325 kPa)
  1.3954 g/cm3 when   liquid, at b.p.
  39.948 g/mol

Check Various Purity Grades


Maximum Impurities in PPM by Volume

  O2   N2   CO2   CO   Moisture   THC

  6   23   1   1   6   3
  99.9992   2   2.5   0.5   0.5   2   0.2
  99.9994   1.5   2   0.5   0.5   1   0.2
  Liquid(99.999)   2   4   1   0.1   2   0.2

Application Uses

  • As a shielding or blanketing gas to shield Oxygen reactive materials from air during any process like TIG or MIG Welding.
  • As a filler gas in Bulb / Lighting Industry, to stop oxidation of filament.
  • As a Mixture gas with Neon to stop oxidation of filament in Neon Lights industry.
  • As a fire extinguisher when mixed with Nitrogen gas. This mixture gas is called Argonite gas.
  • As a filler gas in scuba diving suit.
  • As a carrier gas in calibration gas mixture due to its non reactive nature to any material or substance.
  • Liquid Argon is used in removing or destroying of the defective cancer cells in human body through cryosurgery and dermatology techniques.

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